We're not goofing off here! Clowns sue Clowns.com

Every day, thousands of hard working people put on their suits and ties and trudge into the office, coffee in one hand, briefcase in the other. And every day, a significantly smaller percentage of these hard workers don a polka-dot tie and a harlequin suit, rubber snake in a jar of nuts in one hand and a briefcase bursting with balloons in the other, and drag their oversized red shoes into the office. Or, a children's birthday party. Typically, it's the latter. I'd say mostly the latter. These trudging laborers are, of course, clowns, who deserve a living wage and proper treatment at work just like anyone else. It's not funny, I'm serious! They really do! Stop laughing!

The plaintiffs, former employees of Clowns.com, argue that they were misclassified as independent contractors, weren't given proper pay stubs, had their wages garnished and were fired for bringing these issues up. One assumes that the net profit from garnishing worker's pay went to purchasing the domain of clowns.com, which I, personally, am also bidding for.

"For years, Clowns.com has treated clowns, who are largely young actors with no prior training in clowning who sign up for this job to make ends meet, as independent contractors," said Cameron Pille, one of the lead Plaintiffs in the lawsuit. "I'm proud to join with my clown colleagues to stand up to their wage theft and misclassification."

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Here's hoping the story balloons.

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