Here's a comprehensive list of "Pizza Hut Classic" restaurants for all of your nostalgic dining needs

I grew up in the 1970s and 80s, and have fond memories of my family going to Pizza Hut as a special treat. I loved the overwhelmingly red décor, the Tiffany-style Pizza Hut lamps, and, of course, the delicious pizza. If you're hankering for this kind of nostalgia, Rolando Pujol, aka The Retrologist, has compiled a list of "Pizza Hut Classic" restaurants that harken back to these good old days. He explains:

In 2019, Pizza Hut brought back its 1974 logo, banking on its nostalgic appeal. I figured that would be the end of it, just a simple marketing tactic soon forgotten. There were no plans announced to bring back the logo in stores, much less redesign the restaurants to look like old Pizza Huts from the chain's heyday. But with no fanfare whatsoever, that's exactly what's been happening. Pizza Hut has been taking legacy stores and converting them into "Classics." The formula includes:

The old logo is used in pole signage as well as at the top of the (usually but not always) red-roofed restaurant. The pole sign features the addition of the word "Classic."

The interior features cozy red booths and old-school Pizza Hut lamps.

Stickers featuring the long-discarded character Pizza Hut Pete are found on the door.

Posters feature classic photos from Pizza Huts of yore.

A plaque displays a quote from Pizza Hut co-founder Dan Carney, explaining the concept as a celebration of the brand's heritage.

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Now I'm hungry for some pizza!