Italians upsetti spaghetti over pineapple pizza

Italians are furious after a famed chef and pizza maestro Gino Sorbillo put pineapple on a pie. The heretical pizzaiolo added the despised ingredient to his menu in Via dei Tribunali, CNN reports, "the best known pizza street in the world capital of pizza."

Sorbillo's creation, called "Margherita con Ananas" costs 7 euros ($7.70). But this isn't your regular Hawaiian: it is a pizza bianca, denuded of its tomato layer, sprinkled with no fewer than three types of cheese, with the pineapple cooked twice for a caramelized feel.

Sorbillo, a third-generation pizzaiolo, told CNN that he created it to "combat food prejudice."

"Sadly people follow the crowd and condition themselves according to other people's views, or what they hear," he said.

Now all we need is someone in Scotland to deep-fry the thing.