Mystery object on Santa Cruz beach was big-ass bomb

The mystery object above washed ashore on New Year's Eve between Santa Cruz and Monterey, California. Its arrival on the Pajaro Dunes was likely the result of the incredible storms that swept the area over the weekend. Concerned residents called the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office who quickly called in the bomb squad.

Turns out that it was indeed a big-ass bomb from World War II. That's when the Travis Air Force Base Explosive Ordnance Disposal were summoned. X-rays revealed that the bomb did not contain an explosive charge but was a Navy training ordnance.

"Every few years we will see military ordnances wash up. We occasionally see sea flares uncovered," Santa Cruz sheriff's spokesperson Ashley Keehn told USA Today. "This ordnance washing up on shore goes to show the intensity of the high surf we saw in Santa Cruz County this past week."

image: Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office