Five dental myths debunked

Suhail Mohiuddin has become social media's favorite dentist thanks to his viral videos filled with wit and wisdom. His approach to marketing seems to be working. Dentologie, a Chicago-based dental group that he co-founded recently closed a $25 million investment round to massively expand its practice with more than a dozen new offices around the city and beyond. In one of Mohiuddin's latest Instagram videos, he shares five "dental care lies that we aren't taking into 2024."

Here are three of them:

1. You can't prevent coffee stains by drinking it with a straw.
2. Toothbrush covers keep your bristles bacteria-free.
3. LaCroix won't give you cavities.

If #3 is shocking to you, Mohiuddin explains, "Most sparkling waters contain citric acid, therefore the pH is very low and it's super-acidic."