Woman sues dentist who gave her 4 root canals, 8 crowns and 20 fillings in a single visit

A dentist in Minnesota managed to fit a lot in when Kathleen Wilson went there in July 2020: four root canals, eight crowns and twenty fillings all performed in a single visit. Negligently, Wilson claims in a lawsuit against Molldrem Family Dentistry filed in Hennepin County Court.

Wilson claimed she had to go to other dentists to fix Molldrem's "negligent work," which has caused her "significant injuries," according to the complaint. … [plaintiff's expert witness ]Goldstein acknowledged Molldrem's diagnosis that "virtually every tooth" inside Wilson's mouth had decay was correct [but] Goldstein said Molledrem's treatment for Wilson, however, was wrong. According to Goldstein, Wilson "required a slow, thoughtful, careful and measured response to her disease" and "trying to fill every hole in every tooth in her mouth in one visit" was "not humanely possible to achieve."

CNN had some trouble getting anyone on the record about whether the procedures or the amount of anaesthetic involved were appropriate.

CNN contacted the American Dental Association for comment on whether that many procedures should occur in a single visit and what its typical recommendation is for that type of situation.

The ADA said its guidelines do not cover anesthesia dosing, and it referred CNN to the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) or the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology. CNN asked the groups about maximum dosages. The ASA said it could not comment because the case involved a dental, rather than medical, anesthetic.

With her teeth in bad shape, admittedly "virtually every one decayed," details and circumstances that aren't yet on show will surely matter a lot. But for now we'll have to make do with dentist and anesthesiology trade groups pointing at each other like Spiderman impostors while the insurance industry laughs evilly.