Dead man revived when ambulance hit a pothole

In Haryana, India, Darshan Singh Brar, age 80, was in the hospital on a ventilator for four days when physicians reported that his heart had stopped. Declared dead, Brar was put in an ambulance to be taken back to his home where mourners were waiting and he was to be cremated on a funeral pyre. On the way though, the ambulance hit a huge pothole and one his grandsons who was riding in the vehicle saw that Brar's hand moved.

Upon checking, his heart was beating and the ambulance rushed him to Rawal Hospital nearby. According to NDTV, Brar is in critical condition but still alive.

"We cannot say that the patient had died," said a physician at Rawal Hospital. "When he was brought to us, he was breathing and had blood pressure as well as a pulse. We don't know what happened at the other hospital, whether it was a technical error or something else."

"The family said he was on a ventilator in Patiala for four days but he is now breathing on his own. He is still critical and in the ICU. The breathing is laborious because he has an infection in his chest," he said.

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