Big bear frolicking on busy ski run freaks out snowboarders and skiers (video)

The slopes were bustling over the weekend at Lake Tahoe, California's Heavenly Mountain Resort with skiers, snowboarders, and, um, black bears enjoying the fresh powder. Video below.

"I see the bear in the middle of the run, so I stopped, took my snowboard off, thinking I would want to be able to leave in a hurry," Danielle Brill told ABC7.

Apparently the bear raced up a tree but then she spotted it again later. She noticed another skier approaching the bear which seemingly scared the animal—probably a good thing.

"It was adrenaline," Brill said. "I think he got spooked and started running full force. He just wanted to get out of there and I'm glad I wasn't in the line of full force running."

Ann Bryant of the Bear League of Tahoe advised anyone who encounters a bear to keep their distance.

"Bears have a boundary they're comfortable with, when you cross it, 20 feet, sometimes, it's 50 feet," she explained. "So when the man was coming up behind him, that was it, he had to get out of there,"You can't block him in, and you can't put pressure on him because they're gonna get out of there and if you're in their way, they'll run over you to escape. It won't be to harm you, it's because they're afraid and they want to get away."

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