Bear downs 69 cans of soda after breaking into a vehicle

Move over Cocaine Bear; a soda-guzzling bear has emerged. In a bizarre early morning incident near Earls Cove, British Columbia, a black bear indulged in a soda-drinking spree, consuming 69 cans from a Jeep while the vehicle's owner, Sharon Rosel, watched helplessly. The hour-and-a-half-long event saw the bear tearing off the tops of cans and guzzling down the sugary beverages, starting with Orange Crush and ending only when it reached the diet sodas. Rosel recounts the incident in this video that includes security footage. (Neatorama)


She said she tried throwing cold water on the bear from her balcony but to no avail. She then tried reasoning with him, explaining she needed her car to get to work the next morning. 

"Then I tried psyching him out by telling him I was a bear hunter. That didn't do anything either, so I had to stand by and just watch him devour my car," said Rosel.