The Kummakivi Balancing Rock is one strange rock

The Kummakivi Balancing Rock (Kummakivi means "strange rock" in Finnish) is a giant rock in Ruokolahti, Finland, that looks like it was somehow balanced at a nerve-wracking angle on top of a smaller rock. It's hard to believe rock settled into this position naturally, but geologists have an answer.  

According to Atlas Obscura: "This isn't the first balancing rock to be discovered, and scientists believe that glaciers – capable of carrying such a heavy rock with them – left it behind as they receded to the North over 8,000 years ago. The power of glaciers trumps even giants."

No matter how sturdy the Kummakivi Balancing Rock is said to be, you couldn't pay me to sit or stand underneath the part of the upper rock that hangs overhead. It looks as if one fallen leaf could make the whole thing topple over. (Image from Wikipedia)