"Heavily drunk" U.S. passenger bites a flight attendant, forcing plane to land in Tokyo

A "heavily drunk" passenger flying from Tokyo to Seattle was one hour into his ANA when he couldn't hold back any longer. The 55-year-old gentleman sunk his teeth into a female flight attendant.

Naturally, his zombie-like behavior forced the plane — which was carrying 159 passengers — to turn around and head back to Tokyo, where it made an emergency landing.

It's not clear why the intoxicated American bit the crew member — he claims he doesn't remember a thing — but fortunately his victim suffered only minor injuries. Meanwhile, officials escorted the alleged biter, whose name hasn't been released, straight to Tokyo's Metropolitan Police Department.

Coincidentally, this is the third post this month involving unfortunate events taking place on flights coming into or leaving Japan.

From Japan Times:

The attack prompted pilots of the plane with 159 passengers on board to turn back over the Pacific to Haneda Airport, where the man was handed over to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, according to the airline.

Japanese broadcaster TBS quoted the passenger as telling investigators that he "doesn't recall" his behavior.

Some social media users likened the incident to the "beginning of a zombie movie" in mock horror.