List of unusual things people do in hotel rooms

In this AskReddit thread, Slider-678 posed the following question: "What is something you do in hotel room, you never do at home?"

Here are just a few of the 5,000 responses:

* Blackout showers: If the bathroom setup allows (no light sources) I put a towel at the bottom of the door (to block any light creeping in) Familiarize yourself where everything is (towel, lights when you need it) and take a shower in complete blackout conditions.

* Stand naked in the window and look down at whatever city I'm in lol

* Eat in bed aha

* Look for hidden cameras

* Check under the sheets for bed bugs. My sister works for a major chain, and had taught me to check EVERY time.

* Spend an hour + in the shower. That endless hot water is magic.

* read the bible. I'm an atheist but some parts of it, like revelation and job, are pretty darn interesting.

* Fill a bucket with ice for no goddamn reason.

* Toss my bags on the floor as I walk in, put my hands on my hips, look around and say "well this is nice".

….and, of course, plenty of activities related to masturbation.