Winner of a prestigious literary award unabashedly used AI to write it

Upon winning Japan's Akutagawa Prize for best work of fiction by a new author, author Rie Kudan proudly described her use of Artificial Intelligence in writing it.

AI can be used as a handy tool. Thirty-three-year-old Rie Kudan absolutely intends to continue using generative AI to help her write fiction. I enjoy using it to create images for our blog, as they're frequently more entertaining than the stock photos I rely on.

After Japanese author Rie Kudan won one of the country's most prestigious literary awards, she admitted she'd had help from an unusual source — ChatGPT.

"I plan to continue to profit from the use of AI in the writing of my novels, while letting my creativity express itself to the fullest," said the 33-year-old, who was awarded the Akutagawa Prize for the best work of fiction by a promising new writer on Wednesday.

The author then confirmed at a press conference that around 5% of her book "The Tokyo Tower of Sympathy" — which was lauded by committee members as "practically flawless" — was word-for-word generated by AI.