Farting airplane passenger forces flight to turn back

Once again, a flatulent airplane passenger causes chaos on an airplane. This time, it was an American Airlines flight from Phoenix to Austin on January 14. Here's the story as documented on r/Austin by Glamgalatx who was apparently on the flight:

"Before most people had boarded, I observed that this man was audibly disgruntled about something, maybe hungover, rough day idk, but as soon as he sat down he was grumbling about something under his breath, like 'fucking hell' or something. Several minutes pass and majority of people are seated but we still hadn't left the gate. I overhear him loudly say 'You thought that was rude? Well how about this smell' and farted. Idk what provoked that comment, and while kinda funny to overhear, it was uncalled for especially coming from a grown man on an airplane nonetheless."

From People:

But the transgression didn't end there.

"The man who just purposefully farted moments ago decides to loudly and condescendingly say 'Yeah, everybody, let's just eat the smelliest food possible all at the same time,'" the poster wrote, seemingly referring to a scent unrelated to his own actions.

In response, a man in the next row reportedly remarked, "If you don't like it you can fly private," to which the gassy passenger replied, "That's so f—ing rude."

Another passenger chimed in, "I think we'd all agree you're the rude one here,'" the witness added.

The conflict continued until the plane turned around, returned to the gate, and the flight crew escorted the man from the plane.

"He gets up, grabs his bag and quietly exits the plane," Glamgalatx wrote. "We all breathed a sigh of relief when he was removed."

I bet.