Saturday Night Live perfectly satirizes Stanley cup fever

First it was the Hydroflasks. Now, it's the Stanley cups (and I don't mean the hockey trophy). In recent weeks, these giant, lead-filled insulated cups have inexplicably gripped the country, fueled by TikTok, FOMO, and simple pastel colors. If you need to brush up on this situation and perhaps get a handle on why these cups have been inspiring real-world assaults, Saturday Night Live produced a followup to their Big Dumb Hat sketch featuring the next viral Instagram-upper-middle-class-white-woman trend: the Big Dumb Cup.

Is there a void in your life? Fill it with cup!

It's so accurate it hurts, right down to the inoffensive, earth-toned clothing. To anyone considering buying a Stanley cup, I promise you don't need to carry five pounds of steel and ceramic around with you everywhere you go.