German beer company creates a very beary homage to Jeremy Allen White's sexy Calvin Klein commercial

If you're a fan of Hulu's hit show "The Bear" or of Jeremy Allen White, who plays chef Carmen "Carmy" Berzatto, you've probably seen White's recent Calvin Klein advertisement, which Pink News describes:

In the ad, White, who played Lip Gallagher in the US version of Shameless, is seen running about New York stripping off his clothes and climbing to the top of a building. All to a sexy version of Lesley Gore's "You Don't Own Me." 

If that's not really your thing, perhaps you'll enjoy this homage that German beer brand BRLO created to promoted its alcohol-free pale ale, NAKED. Again, Pink News:

In a video shared on social media, out gay, London-based actor Gerrard Woodward copies White's moves while strutting about in Germany.

Woodward shows off his thick thighs and hair-covered dad bod as he walks about in his tighty-whities, before stripping down out of his underwear altogether. Now that is how you, ahem, top Jeremy Allen White.

Here's the original:

And here's the very beary version: 

Honestly, I think they're both terrific – what's not to love? Enjoy!

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