Door from UFO crashed on roof of Philadelphia home (video)

On Tuesday, Sara and Fabian Lima of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania found a strange metal object that apparently fell from the sky onto their roof. The rectangular artifact is approximately 8 feet long by 2 feet wide with a circular cut-out on one end. Video below.

"It looks exactly like a plane window section," Fabian Lima said. Indeed, it is similar in appearance to the door that recently blew out on one of Alaska Airlines' Boeing planes. However, one would think that if that had happened again, it would have made the news.

In any case, the Limas called authorities, and two investigators from the Federal Aviation Administration showed up to examine the strange object. According to CBS News, the FAA representatives "photographed and measured the object, and instructed the Limas to hang onto the object until the FAA has completed their investigation."

As of now, the flying object from whence this came remains unidentified.

(via Coast to Coast)