Burger King hosts yet another user-generated content contest, proving they've learned nothing

It's an unspoken rule of the Internet by now: if a company opens up any kind of poll to the general public, it's going to get flooded. One need look no further than the legendary Boaty McBoatface or Mountain Dew's limited-time "Hitler Did Nothing Wrong" flavor. User-generated content contests like these have seen less use in recent years for this precise reason. Someone at Burger King doesn't seem to have learned from McDonalds' folly, however, hosting a high-profile contest that tasks YOU with creating your very own Whopper for a cool million bucks.

To be fair, it does seem pretty airtight. All you get are eight ingredients pulled from a pre-approved list, which are then mashed together into a horrible AI-generated monstrosity.

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You also don't get to name it, thus reducing the likelihood of the Hitler Burger topping BK's menu. Still, knowing the Internet, someone will manage to submit a Pepto-Bismol-slathered monstrosity-or just hack the website, like in the aforementioned Mountain Dew contest.