Documentaries: "Salvador Dali: In Search of Immortality" and the story of the "Dali house"

The excellent 2018 documentary "Salvador Dali: In Search of Immortality" (imdb) covers the life and career of surrealist Spanish artist Salvador Dali and focuses on his 3 largest and longest lasting creations: his home and studio in Portlligat, the Dali Theater-Museum in his hometown of Figueres, and the castle in Pùbol which he re-imagined for his muse Gala.

The story and design of Dali's residence is particularly interesting. Over many years and a world war, a tiny fisherwoman's shack is transformed into a fantastical home and artist studio. Through multiple additions, clever revisions, and imaginative development of the entire site Dali creates the perfect platform to paint, stage performances, and host outrageous parties and receptions. Who else would include a taxidermied polar bar, a giant lip couch, and a scrotum-shaped swimming pool? (Not to mention the giant eggs and huge robot ruins!)

I've been there—it's wild! You can watch the docu for free on Kanopy.