Man who vanished after flying from London to NYC without ticket or passport has been re-arrested

Craig Stuart, 46, managed to board a New York City-bound flight from London's Heathrow Airport without a ticket or a passport on Christmas Day. He reported "tailgated" passenger ahead of him in line. When he didn't have any ID for customs, he was sent back to the UK on a chartered flight to be prosecuted by British police.

Upon arrival, Stuart was arrested and then admitted to Royal Berkshire Hospital for unspecified reasons to await his trial. But a few weeks ago, Stuart apparently escaped the hospital and managed to evade authorities. Today, the Metropolitan Police confirmed that they had finally apprehended Stuart.

According to The Sun, he's been charged with obtaining services by deception, being unlawfully airside, and boarding an aircraft without permission.

"I don't know how Craig has managed to dodge security at the UK's biggest airport and fly to America without a passport and ticket," his brother Lee Smith said. "It's ridiculous this could happen. If Craig, with a troubled past, could dodge security then presumably anyone else with sinister motives could do the same. Heads should roll."