Instagram and Threads says they will stop pushing political content on users

Political rage-bait, shoved into people's feeds and brains by engagement-farming "algorithms," is an original sin of social media. One of the pushers can see what's coming and can smell the burning flesh: Instagram is to stop recommending political content on users.

"Our goal is to preserve the ability for people to choose to interact with political content, while respecting each person's appetite for it," Instagram head Adam Mosseri wrote. …

By default, going forward Instagram and Threads will not promote political content (unless it's from accounts users already are following). Both apps will add a setting to let users who still want to see political content recommendations opt to do so — and, according the post, the same control will roll out on Facebook at a later date. Instagram defines "political content" as "potentially related to things like laws, elections or social topics."

Having considered the matter at length: reverse-chronological should be the default.

Something to bear in mind is that Facebook has some history of not classifying political campaigns as political content: i.e. paid ads exempt. That said, Facebook has reportedly been deprioritizing political content and news media in general.