Home with freaky black hole in the bedroom and other "strange energy" up for sale

For around US$1 million, you can purchase a three bedroom, two bath home in Bangkok, Thailand that includes a "black hole" in the bedroom, future-telling features, and other "strange energy." The current owner claims that around 3am, the black hole forms and if you come into contact with it, you might "see some images of the past."

"You can only touch it but not go inside it because you may not be able to come back out again," he says. "I think it is a time portal between overlapping dimensions."

Other features of the home, which is located on Krung Thep Kritha Road, include the ability to deliver images of the future to the resident.

"The images that are seen in dreams are things that actually happen," the owner says. "Even the lottery numbers have been drawn before, but it depends on that person's merit as well."

Before getting your heart set on this supernatural abode, please make sure you fit into one of the following categories of suitable residents listed in the Facebook post advertising the home, which according to The Thaiger, can also be rented on a monthly basis for 333,000 baht (US$9,200)/month:

1. People who want to experience supernatural powers that are not ghosts or spirits
2. People who have magical powers within themselves. The house may help your inner power to awaken or increase it
3. People who believe in magical powers
4. Fortune tellers