Chilling to the core: AI-generated "Screams of Hell"

Art Bell fans may remember the fantastic 1998 episode of Coast to Coast about a Siberian oil company that lowered a microphone into a nine-mile hole and recorded the sound of people screaming in Hell.

Someone has used Stable Audio, a new AI sound and music generator, to create "Screams of Hell," which is even creepier than the Art Bell recording. It's three minutes long and has quite a bit of variation. One redditor joked, "So relaxing. Added to my sleep&code playlist."

But even scarier than the Screams of Hell is this AI-generated laughtrack. It doesn't sound like human laughter and feels a lot more hellish to me than the screaming.

Well … it is … accurate?
byu/Bthardamz inStableDiffusion

Of course, the best creepy human voice sound is György Ligeti's Kyrie from the "Requiem" (1963-1965), which was in 2001: A Space Odyssey: