Convincing, accessible AI-generated video is here

The singularity might not be here yet, but today it seems just a little bit closer. OpenAi, the company behind ChatGPT, has revealed its next step toward making us all obsolete: Sora, an AI model capable of eerily convincing AI-generated video using nothing but a text prompt.

While Sora is currently only available to certain high-profile creatives (the sort Sora is trying to replace), the power to completely invalidate the work of animators, directors, actors and more while simultaneously plagiarizing them will soon be in our hands.

While there are seams if you squint, remember that this is the absolute worst these videos are ever going to look, and they're still good enough to fool your aunt. AI-generated video appearing everywhere is inevitable—I just wish there was something more substantive we could do about it.

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