Watch people flying through the air as they're blob-launched into a giant ball pit

Almost a quarter century ago (wow!) we brought you a glimpse into the wonderful world of blob launching. The videos we posted back then featured the water version of blob launching. I'm back with some updated videos featuring folks being blob launched not into a lake, but into a giant ball pit. 

Whether into a lake or into a ball pit, blob launching looks like so much fun! The folks in these videos look like they are having a blast soaring through the air. Check out the videos below to see all the action! I'd totally try it, would you? 

Here's a compilation video on Facebook if you don't have TikTok. Enjoy!


I don't know what this is, but it looks like such much fun. Feel free to launch me into a ball pit anytime! #ballpit #fun #bouncy #china #goodtime

♬ original sound – IBringDaFlava

THIS LOOKS SO FUN. 🔥🤯 (via earthlocus/IG) ballpit fun foryou

♬ Crazy – Official Sound Studio

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