Chef creates milkshakes out of anything and everything

If there's one thing in this life I regret, it's being lactose intolerant — I can never again sip a delicious milkshake guilt-free.

For those who are luckier than me, however, I present TheWhyteElephant, a YouTube channel that's become a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine — like staring through a shop window at a treasure you can never have yourself. The channel centers around Larry Canam, a kindly old mustachioed home chef preparing everything from brisket to horchata — but the real treasure lies in his milkshakes, which have become a bit of a specialty for him.

Canam has put together milkshakes using candy bars, churros and Mountain Dew as bases, complete with dazzling presentation and the kind of grandfatherly charm that instantly endears.

These milkshakes definitely bring the boys to the yard in the droves.