Morticians sent Valentine's Day cards advertising their services to residents nursing home

TH Sanders & Sons, a chain of funeral parlors in England, came up with a creative—albeit rather dark—approach to marketing. They sent Valentine's Day cards to residents of the Whitegates Care Centre nursing home in Surrey.

"This is an utterly appalling stunt," stated Carole Easton of the Centre for Ageing Better foundation.

While relatives of the residents were furious about the stunt, apparently the care center's staff knew about the plan and accepted delivery of the cards.

"We're deeply embedded within the local community, and we value the support and engagement of all our neighbours, including T.H. Sanders," they're quoted as saying in The Sun. "Residents were thrilled to receive the Valentine's Day cards and they all had a lovely day celebrating."

We deeply regret any ­unintended distress."