Explore Batman's 85-year legacy in the lavish "DC: Batman Deluxe Edition"

In a new collaboration between The Folio Society and DC, an unparalleled tribute to Gotham's guardian is now available to comic book fans and book enthusiasts. DC: Batman ($100) marks the 85th anniversary of the Dark Knight's first appearance in the shadows of Detective Comics #27. This gorgeously produced, slip-cased tome is not just a collection, but a historical look at one of the most enduring and iconic symbols of courage and justice in the realm of fiction.

Curated by Jennette Kahn, the trailblazing former President of DC Comics, DC: Batman is a worthy testament to the Dark Knight's legacy. Kahn, whose visionary leadership over 27 years propelled comic books into a new era of narrative, artistic sophistication, and culture acceptance, has selected twelve of the most pivotal Batman stories, each a stepping stone in the growth of Caped Crusader lore.

The anthology features works by legendary talents such as Bob Kane, Bill Finger, and Jerry Robinson—the pioneers who first brought Batman to life. It also showcases the groundbreaking narratives of Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams, the dark, gritty reinventions of Frank Miller, and the psychological depths plumbed by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland. Each story forms a piece in the mosaic illustrating Batman's evolution from a nocturnal detective to a complex character wrestling with the dark duality of his own existence.

Accompanying this seriously yummy 320-page deluxe edition is a true collector's gem: a replica of Batman #1. This reproduction, scanned from an original 1940 copy, offers readers a tangible piece of history, complete with the original back-up strips, wacky vintage ads, and the first appearances of iconic adversaries The Joker and Catwoman.

"Created towards the end of the Great Depression by artist Bob Kane with writer Bill Finger, Batman is an icon as familiar as James Bond or Tarzan, one who has evolved to reflect the changing attitudes of the twentieth century," says Folio Society Head of Editorial, James Rose. The selected stories probe the Caped Crusader's psyche, exploring themes of trauma, obsession, and the thin line between him and the villains he pursues. Batman's gallery of rogues, inspired by gothic horror and silent film villains, serves as a dark mirror to his own struggles against becoming what he fears.

From "The Dark Knight Returns" to "Batman: Year One" and "The Killing Joke," these tales have not only defined Batman, but reshaped the landscape of graphic storytelling. And popular culture.

This compilation is a celebration, a reflection, and an invitation to explore the depths of one of fiction's most seductive and complex heroes. For fans, collectors, and newbies alike, DC: Batman is an impressive peek into the heart of darkness that beats at the center of Batman's enduring legacy.