Watch Benny the mini Dachshund get a very special treat for his first birthday!

These videos of an adorable miniature Dachshund named Benny waiting patiently for his pup cup and then delightfully devouring it make me so happy! Benny recently turned one, and his mom Ayla Rae took him to get the special treat. Just look at his cute polka dotted onesie and his matching hat that looks like a birthday cake! I love his stubby paws and his beautiful snout. And it's so cute how he's so laser-focused, watching for any sign of his pup cup.

Rejoice! After some waiting, Benny finally gets his pup cup and slurps it right up! Happy Birthday, Benny! 

Someone on TikTok commented, "I would cry tears of joy if that pup pulled up to my work." I would, too, absolutely.

To see more of Benny, who lives in Vancouver, BC and loves walkies and eating snacks in his pajamas, follow him on TikTok.


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♬ original sound – Ayla Rae