The secret to a heavier Chipotle burrito: a simple yet cunning strategy

Over at Xitter, @GraduatedBen reveals a devilishly clever tactic for Chipotle aficionados who want to maximize their protein bang-for-buck.

He says he always waits until after the first scoop of chicken lands on his burrito before he requests double chicken. Why? It's all about human nature. Once the first scoop is given without the foreknowledge of a second, the employee is unwittingly committed to a standard portion. Ben's strategy ensures that the first scoop sets a precedent, making it awkward for the server to reduce the size of the second scoop since they've "shown their hand."

"When I'm at Chipotle," he writes, "I always wait until after the employee puts the first scoop of chicken on my burrito to ask for double chicken, so the size of the first scoop isn't compromised by the knowledge I'm getting a second scoop and now the employee has shown their hand in terms of their default scoop size, so they can't skimp with my second scoop."

Do you have any similar tactics for making your day-to-day transactions more fair? Share them in the comments!

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