Lovely podcast on Estonian folk music

Here's a topic I know almost nothing about, folk music from Estonia. But I'd like to know more. Luckily, there's this newfangled thing called the Internet, and on it, there's a seemingly unlimited amount of information speeding around on this superhighway. It's confusing, and you may be wondering where to start. Reader, I am here to help you navigate. Jesus may be your E-copilot, but I am your GPS. After three hundred feet, turn right and find your way to the Regisong podcast.

What is Regisong? Regisong, Regilaul, Runic song, Runo song, and Folk songs in runic verse are synonyms to Estonian folk songs' oral tradition…

"These folk songs carry the wisdom and knowledge of thousands of years about the Estonian's culture and survival strategies," explains Tarmo Noormaa, the head of Estonian Traditional Music Center NGO and programme of the VFMF. "These songs weaved together with people and nature give us a unique artistic vision and understanding of life's ways." A tremendous amount of work has been done in Estonia to preserve and revive them, to systematize and analyze its lyrics in depth. Due to all these efforts, The Estonian Folklore Archive holds almost a million Regisongs today, some of which have now become the input for the Regisong Podcasts.

Viljandi Folk Festival (see more at wikipedia)

Wonderful harmonies, often in a simple and sweet a capella, are sung so calmly and beautifully that they could lull you to sleep. Our narrators, Hasso Krull or Indrek Koff, are equally pleasing to hear explain the translations and origins of songs about conscription, bridal arrangements, lost loves, sailing, war, everything Estonian you can think of, which, honestly, I didn't have much of an idea of what that was prior to listening to this podcast.

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