Elementary school offering parents dumbphones for their kids

Administrators at Milldown Academy in Dorset, England are concerned about kids spending too much time on smartphones and social media use. Their solution is to provide parents with dumb phones for their kids by offering them for free or very low cost through the school.

The school for children aged between four and 11 is looking at offering the basic phones, which can only send and receive texts and calls, at a minimal or no cost to parents through a hire scheme.

Mr Law said he had found parents were putting blocks on their child's smartphone "but their peers are sending them videos or recordings… so despite the parents intervention some of the stuff is still getting through."

From BBC News:

He said smartphones were "great and they do wonderful things but we are seeing patterns and issues with them in school."

"What we want to is to provide parents with an option so they can borrow one from us so we remove the financial barrier," he added.