Scuba diver found 200 Apple Watches at the bottom of a chain-of-lakes

Darick Langos, 25, of Port Barrington, Illinois is the proprietor of Scuba Bear Diving Recovery Service. He combines his passion for scuba with his metal detectorist mastery to resurface valuable items you may have dropped in Indiana's Chain O' Lakes.

"It is a good paying gig, but super niche," Langos told Shaw Local. "I am the cheapest guy I know of. I don't charge if I can't find it."

Frequently, Langos stumbles on things that nobody sent him out looking for; coins, waterlogged smartphones, rings, and prescription glasses are especially common. He hasn't sold anything that he finds—including a white gold Cartier ring, he notes—unless he can identify its rightful owner. What he brings back more than anything else though are Apple Watches. He estimates that he's found around 200 of them so far.

"The ones with the sports bands … they do not stay on in the water," Langos said.

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