Strava for dogs isn't a joke (even though it seem silly)

Strava—the popular platform that uses GPS to track your running, walking, and riding routes—is partnering with smart dog collar maker Fi so that your pet can review its travels later. Or you can; your dog probably just lives in the moment.

"Strava data has shown that pets are a key motivator for many athletes in pursuing their goals," says Strava VP of Connected Partnerships, Mateo A. Ortega.

From Outside:

The new partnership allows Strava to log distance traveled and number of steps taken, and tracks Fido's progress towards goals like activity streaks and daily step totals. The app will then upload a route of your dog's walk or game of fetch onto a map that you can see.

Fi charges owners a monthly subscription fee to use all the collars' smart features, starting at $3.20 per week. Strava users with Fi collars on their pets can sync the two accounts, "seamlessly integrat[ing] their active lives with their dogs," Strava said in the announcement. Once the accounts are linked, a Fi-generated graphic with your dog's stats is automatically uploaded to Strava.

I'm curious whether dog friends will start using Strava to share their adventures with each other!