Daredevil speed slides though steep underground sewer pipe

In this video, one very daring dude slides through a steep underground sewer pipe, calling it a "free rollercoaster." It does indeed look as fast (and as fun) as an amusement park ride.

Who knew that a sewer could offer such an exciting experience? This looks both incredibly thrilling and dangerous to do. I strongly advise against trying this yourself. 

See also: 90 degree drop water slide.


This was wiiiillllldddd!!!!! 😱 #freerollercoaster #betterthancoffee How fast do you think I went? Would you do this? 😝 I wasn't sure I would! 😬 But after checking it out and doing a few test runs it felt… safe enough 😂 and HOLY 💩VERY thrilling! It actually didn't feel risky with how much gear I had on and experience I have with focused situations. Some ask "but why???" And for me the answer is experience, discovery, facing fears, and feeling connected to my body! Taking risks is frightening, but you learn and grow from new experiences which is one of my favorite parts about life. I think knowledge is how you free yourself of fear ✨ Let go of your thoughts a little go send something you're afraid of 🧡

♬ original sound – Nicholas Coolridge💠