"Vote for Trump and you'll get the nightmare." De Niro condemns Trump as "total monster" (video)

I don't usually put too much stock in what entertainers have to say about politics, but if you didn't already love Robert De Niro as the greatest actor of his generation, you'll DEFINITELY love him for his epic takedown of the Orange Fascist on Bill Maher Friday night. He absolutely nails it — no euphemisms, no soft-soaping. He's calm, but he's breathing fire.

"The bottom line is, it's Biden verses Trump. We wanna live in a world that we wanna live in, and enjoy living in, or live in a nightmare, vote for Trump and you'll get the nightmare," he said.

The money quote starts about a minute into the video:

"The guy is a total monster… he's such a mean, nasty, hateful person. I'd never play him as an actor because I can't see any good in him. Nothing. Nothing at all. Nothing redeemable in him."

The man is an American institution and still bringing it at 80.