Somebody stashed $50,000 in a community garden planter box

Volunteers working in a San Francisco community garden spotted a duffel bag tucked into a planter box. Inside, they found piles of wet $100 bills wrapped in red napkins.

"They thought it was a lot of money, but I don't think they realized how much there was," " garden executive director Maggie Marks told the San Francisco Standard. "The money was pretty stuck together."

Turns out, the soggy bills totaled around $50,000. And even more unusual is that the napkins were apparently in better shape that the bills.

"It almost looked like the money could have been burned before being wrapped in the napkin," Marks said.

The volunteers called police who collected the money as "evidence" but its owner is still a mystery. Marks's theory is that the money is somehow related to the Lunar New Year which occurred the week prior to the discovery.