The $30 shot that comes with a slap in the face

I'm trying hard to figure out why this is fun, but I guess that's what makes the world go 'round. As the New York Post reported:  

This takes punch-drunk to a new level. Spring Breakers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida are cramming into a local bar for shots and slaps — but it's not a bar fight. Bartender Aiyana Callas, 26, serves her signature "Hurricane Shots" at Backyard Fort Lauderdale for $30 every night of the popular party season.

The specialty shot is a full performance. Spring Break revelers take a shot from a glass held in Callas' mouth before getting a pitcher of water poured on their head and a slap to the face.

Of course, I get why the Post would publish this story: it involves a sexy woman in a bikini whacking the shit out of drunk idiots. News! 

But it really got me thinking about why anyone wants to sign up for this and pay for the privilege. Admittedly, I don't understand cave diving, climbing Everest or surfing 60 foot waves in Narazé, Portugal, so maybe I don't get the mindset. On the other hand, while those sound unbearably awful, at least they involve a skill set, an accomplishment.

My guess: in a world in which we are so numbed, so overwhelmed with stimuli, people need something to break through the clutter, to make them feel something. And to create a memory that will actually stick — they'll be able to look back decades from now and say "remember when I paid thirty bucks to have that hot bartender whack me around?"

That's just me looking for answers — maybe not everything has to have a deeper meaning. Maybe it's oh so simple: dudes will do anything to get up close and personal with an attractive woman and that's it.

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