A.M. Worthington's remarkable 1895 depictions of a splashing water drop

"The Splash of a Drop" is a book from 1895 by Professor A.M. Worthington that examines the splash of a water drop from both a scientific and artistic point of view. 

The book contains a magnificent series of images including many engravings of photographs that show water drops at various stages of a splash. 

From The Public Domain Review: "For those who are technologically unequipped, he details a lensless process for capturing drops. Before turning to photography, Worthington made use of physiological afterimages. He fabricated a short-duration flashing device and worked in darkness, allowing him to essentially "freeze" the liquid "long enough on the eye for the observer to be able to attend to it". He would repeat this process until the drawing was complete, and then begin another illustration some .001 seconds later in the drop's descent."

There are so many mesmerizing shapes created from this process, and I never would have guessed any of them came from a drop of water. My brain feels better after looking at this cool book.

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