Visit a marvelous maker space and creative re-use store in Tacoma

There's a very special maker space waiting for you up west. "Commander" RR  Anderson and Ms. Darcy have created a fantastic resource that's a joy to visit, in person or online. It's TinkerTopia of Tacoma, Washington.

What makes it special are the hilarious and imaginative touches everywhere in the store. Sure, like any maker space there are endless raw materials and repurposed art supplies collected for your next creation, but here they've been assembled into clever displays and funny assortments. You'll find their own branded "FEEL'd NOTES'" mini notebooks for expressing yourself, "Put A Bird On It" instant trinket kits, a used (but working) Camera Aquarium, street art stencil kits for spraying your own Banksy-esque (and very nostalgic local TV)  "Patches the Clown" graffiti, used tools "For Mansplaining," "Craft Store Time Machine," haha, it never ends. Grab a small, large, or humongous bag and fill it up with your favorite bulk rate supplies.

Don't let the vintage toys, parody carded novelties, and cool junkbot displays slow you down. Or take a kid's maker class. Can't come in person? Check out the funny website.  I love the wit and whimsy from this partnership of a teacher and cartoonist, but don't take my word for it, check out their website or facebook page yourself:

Photos: Bob Knetzger
Photos: Bob Knetzger

They're on Facebook.

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