Pittsburgh smokers more inclined to say "Jagoff" than "Yinz"

So say we all. In Western Pennsylvania English, AKA Pittsburghese.

Perhaps the only feature whose distribution [throughout Western Pennsylvania] is restricted almost exclusively to the immediate vicinity of Pittsburgh is /aʊ/ monophthongization in which words such as house, down, found, and sauerkraut are sometimes pronounced with an "ah" sound, instead of the more standard pronunciation of "ow", rendering eye spellings such as hahs, dahn, fahnd, and sahrkraht. … Speakers of Pittsburgh English are sometimes called "Yinzers" in reference to their use of the second-person plural pronoun "yinz."

To be clear,

jagoff – (n.) an idiot, fool, or unlikeable person

The perennial stupid question "Is Pittsburgh up east or midwest?" has but one true answer, "It is Appalachia."