Journalists told to stop stealing Air Force One pillowcases and plates

Journalists have been scolded for swiping souvenirs from US president Joseph Biden's Air Force One airplane. According to the BBC News, the White House Correspondents' Association emailed reporters that the conduct makes the entire press pool look bad.

Apparently, journalists on board are sometimes gifted with M&M packages emblazoned with the presidential seal. But in February, an inventory of the press area on Air Force One revealed that branded pillowcases, drinking glasses, and gold-rimmed plates have all gone missing.

From the BBC News:

Taking items with an Air Force One logo – including cutlery and towels – has been commonplace for years, reports claim.

Misha Komadovsky, White House Correspondent from the Voice of America, has gathered a "subtle" collection of items from his trips on the president's plane.

"I didn't embarrass anyone or commit any wrongdoing to put this collection together," he told BBC News, as he held up a paper cup with the Air Force One logo he "simply forgot to throw away".