Prepare for April 8 with antique anthropomorphic depictions of eclipses

I'm here to report that the sun, renowned for being bright enough to burn a viewer's corneas, has a face. And it is a stoic one. No, I didn't look at it directly. Didn't your grandpa tell you not to you trust everything that you see in real life? I gleaned this information from a book, thank you very much. And a lot of them. There's never been anything false ever printed in a book, you can quote me on that. And so, in this information that I've gathered from all my years looking at picture books, I can tell you now that the sun's face looks a bit placid, as depicted here in this celestial chart from noted sun-looker Johannes Buno.

Source: Library of Congress

The moon's also looking a bit nonplussed, come to think of it. Maybe this is how all astrological entities are feeling, regardless of the significance of the movement of heavenly bodies. But this image just depicts the moments surrounding an eclipse. What's going to happen when they meet?

Source: Public Domain Review. A Conjugal Eclipse J. J. Grandville, 1844

Everyone who's heading out to camp on April 8 can look forward to seeing this "conjugal eclipse" happen in real time. It looks impressive! Yes, the sun and moon will join together and take on anthropomorphic forms, shrouded in billowy cloth, I promise. And no, I don't know what "satire" means.

Have fun out there!