How do you photograph an eclipse? Watch one first.

At DPReview, Allison Johnson writes a guide to photographing the eclipse next week. "You shouldn't try," is the first point, clearly made: "See your first eclipse, photograph your second." Moving swiftly on…

Preparation is key. Time is of the essence. Of course, you'll want a tripod and a cable release to lock everything down and minimize shake.

"If you really must photograph this, you're going to want to practice a whole bunch of techniques in the weeks leading up so it's as second nature as absolutely possible during those precious seconds."

"Don't forget to take off the filter during totality!"

Protecting your eyesight and your gear is equally important. It's only safe to point your eyes or your camera sensor directly at the sun during totality.

Or you could just stare like a nitwit right at the sun until totality, like one former president.