Pilates leads to sexual awakening, but did she build core strength?

I am glad this woman and her husband maturely handled one of life's complex changes, but did she keep doing pilates, and how has her body changed?

Stories of people discovering themselves and how they manage the changes in their lives are awesome, and Hallmark could make a movie out of this one, but I think a lot of people out there want to know how Pilates worked out for her. There is a Pilates studio on nearly every corner in Los Angeles, and while people absolutely need to know that life changes happen and often work out positively, core strength is something everyone needs.

It's been eight years since that Pilates class and five years since my divorce. Charles has happily remarried, all my kids are grown and thriving, and I am openly gay. I'm 53 now. It took me a long time to figure out who I truly am. Longer than most, really. But now that I'm finally getting to know my authentic self, I'm able to reflect on some of the lessons I've learned along the way.

I've learned that some people will say words like "love" and "forever" and still leave you crying on the floor in a heap of confusion and pain.

I've learned that those people include me.

I've learned it's okay and necessary to say words like "no," and "that's enough," and "I'm done," and "I'm sorry." And I've learned when someone says you've hurt them, they need you to know. To listen. To acknowledge.


I have a reformer in my home studio, and I have yet to find my pattern of romantic attraction switching up. Bridging is hard enough; I am not sure I am cut out for relationships.