San Francisco police warns against mountain lion that wasn't

A resident of suburban South San Francisco called police to report that their home surveillance camera captured footage of a gray mountain lion slinking across a wooden fence. The South San Francisco Police Department posted an image on their social media accounts to warn others.

"Officers conducted an area check, but were unable to locate this furry guy and there were no additional sightings," the post stated. "We'd like to remind our residents to avoid mountain lions, even at a distance a brief glimpse should be cause for alarm."

Turns out, the Big Cat was just a big cat.

"It's a security camera, the lighting can be funny, the distortion, but to me, it looks a lot like a house cat," the Mountain Lion Foundation's Joshn Rosenau told KTVU.

Can't blame people for being a bit edgy. Just last week, two brothers were attacked by a mountain lion in a remote part of El Dorado Couny, several hours northeast of San Francisco. One of the young men died, making it the first fatal mountain lion attack in the state since 2004.