Woman sees her dog "playing" with another pup in her yard, then realizes it's actually a mountain lion (video)

A woman in northern California had some friends over at her house when one of them looked out of a window and said, "Oh, your dogs are playing!" But the woman was perplexed.

"I only have one dog," she said. She then looked into her yard to see her pup's "playmate" – a mountain lion that was running around with her dog before scampering up a tree, where it made its escape. (See video below, posted by KCRA Lee Ann Denyer.)

A security camera caught footage of the family pooch doing what dogs to best: chasing the cat. But this kitty happened to be extra large, and rather than playing, it looks like the pup might have been trying to chase the big cat out of town — or at least off the property. And what a good job he did! Turns out, according to Yahoo! News, deputies and animal services — who the woman immediately called — searched but failed to ever find the uninvited guest.

Front page thumbnail image: Holly Kuchera / shutterstock.com