If you see a doorbell in the forest, don't push it

According to the Twitter user who posted this video, "Ukrainians put a door bell on a tree in the forest and leader of russian recon group rang it exploding on the spot with many of his fellow soldiers."

Here's a poor-quality AI translation from Ukrainian into English:

Speaker 1
Well of course, probably the stupidest stretch in the entire history that I know of is a doorbell in the forest on a tree. And unfortunately, a man who was walking in a smut saw this bell on a tree along the road, came up, and the fucker pressed it, and along the entire smut and part of the core the garland was fucked.

Speaker 1
Well, who knows what a garland is, he knows.

Speaker 2
This is literally an April Fool's joke. Well, the bell on the fucking tree.

Speaker 3
Well, can you imagine and think of a bitch in the forest to come up and poke him?

Speaker 2
I would poke it. Honestly, I would have poked it.

Cue the obligatory history eraser button clip from The Ren & Stimpy Show's "Space Madness" episode (1991):