Ferment Mountain Dew for a boozy homebrewed treat

Did you know that you could ferment Mountain Dew? I'm not talking about that Mountain Dew hard seltzer you can buy at the liquor store (if that's a thing you would so choose to do). I'm not even talking about that rare aul' mountain dew from the hills of Connemara, as the old songs go.

I mean, quite simply, that you can just take regular ol' Mountain Dew off the shelves in the supermarket and ferment it to make your own green hooch. Just like this guy did:

This is less "hard seltzer" and more "Mountain Dew wine," with an initial gravity of 1.105. Once the yeast has done its job, this big green boozefest will likely clock in around 13% ABV or so. Oof.

Once, many years ago, I realized that I could sort-of homebrew my own all-in-one mimosas buy buying orange juice concentrate from the supermarket and just adding some water and champagne yeast. (This was also how I learned the hard way that it's very important to make sure you buy the concentrate without preservatives.) But this…this is a much more ambitious mad science project, and I commend the anonymous hero behind it.

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