Escaped pack of hybrid beasts evading capture in Northern California town

A pack of wolf-dog hybrids is roaming the Northern California town of Shingletown and have managed to evade capture. According to the Shasta County Sheriff's Office, the animals are some kind of "wolf/husky/malamute hybrids that belonged to a local resident and had gone feral." According to the sheriff's office public information officer Tim Mapes, the pack of wolf hybrids have already killed area dogs.

Animal control officers are conducting regular patrols in the vicinity and set multiple traps. Meanwhile, residents have been duly informed to stay safe and protect their pets and livestock.

From SFGate:

Animal regulation officers cited the owner of the dogs for having unlicensed and unvaccinated animals, strays and kennel violations, which were not specified but can address issues such as animals being kept without food and water, or lack of adequate shelter, per the Humane Society of the United States. 

First-generation wolf hybrids are illegal to own, according to the Fish and Wildlife Department, and though no state permit is required to possess a first-generation wolf hybrid's descendants, certain cities and counties may prohibit possession or require a permit.